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Manage Company Expenses

With our integrated expense tool, employees can submit expense reports, managers can review and approve them, and accounting can process them. Quickly, easily and efficiently.

Robust software that's easy to use.

There's a lot that comes with our expense tool, but a steep learning curve isn't one of them. It's because we put as much thought into the intuitive design as we put into the feature set. That way employees at all levels will not only use it, they'll thank you for it.

Robust reporting software
MasterCard BusinessCard

Card purchases can be added to reports. Just drag and drop.

Since many employees use a credit or debit card to pay for things, we made it easy to add card transactions to expense reports. Thanks to the secure "digital wallet," employees can import their card transactions and then simply drag and drop them into an expense report.

Settings can be customized to reflect company expense policies.

Every company is different in regards to how expenses should be managed. Which is why we enable you to tailor our expense tool to fit your needs. When your company's administrator sets things like payment preferences and spending limits, alerts will guide employees filling out expense reports in a way that complies with set policies.

Company Expense Policies
Eco-friendly with online expense reporting

Managing expenses digitally isn't only efficient, it's eco-friendly.

Now your company expense reports can be created, submitted, reviewed and approved, without a single sheet of paper. Which means people will not only save time printing reports and running around getting them signed, you'll all help save the planet for future generations.

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Expense Full Access

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